Transform a dress into a top!

You may have clothes in your wardrobe that you simply don’t wear anymore.  Why not think of a new way to wear your cherished garment! Recently a lovely lady came to me and asked if I could turn her simple black evening dress into a more wearable top. Now instead of having a dress that was seldom worn, she has a top that she can team up with trousers or jeans to make a fantastic choice of outfits! Ready for a romantic meal with your partner or a night out with the girls!


The dress before alteration –


The cut –


The result –


I am pleased to say that the lady was really pleased with the result and it only cost a fraction of the cost of a new top.

If you have a garment you would like me to look at transforming then please contact me on 07730248864 and I will be happy to have a no obligation chat with you about it.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post 😉

Kind regards

Helen 🙂

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