Clothing Alterations

Many of us have a wardrobe full of clothes that we have not worn for sometime.  Perhaps you have lost weight and they no longer fit, or perhaps you have kept hold of favourite articles but they are damaged in some way.

Now’s the time to revive those once loved items and bring them back to life!

You can alter pretty much anything.  Jackets can be shortened and taken in to give a different style and fit.  Skirts can be shortened and taken in.  Trousers can be turned into crops, why not add a turn up too!  You can even taper them to change the look.   Have your knees gone through in your comfiest jeans?  give life back and change them into shorts! Replace broken kips and missing buttons.

The list is endless!  I have a few friends who are neat and petite and finding trousers to fit can be quite tiresome.  Take away the stress, buy the ones you want and have them altered precisely to fit yourself.